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We consult for brands
with a Purpose.

One-on-one consultation to build and grow your sustainable brand, leveraging our 15+ years in the industry.

purpose by Meraki 

an initiative to provide catered solution to the brands who are doing the most important work 

Brand Building & Digital Strategy

Damini Arora
Founder, CEO
10+ Years | 100+ Brands

1 Month
8 Hours
Your Team and Ours.


Whether you're building a brand from scratch, pivoting to a new market, or starting your Thought Leadership journey, there's no reason to do it alone.

Impact SMEs made us.
Now we're giving back.

Tap into 16+ years of collective expertise in strategizing for changemakers who deserve to be heard.

Thought Leadership & Personal Branding

Ashni A.
COO, Content Lead

6+ Years | Ghostwriter to 100+

Your Contribution
Saves Mumbai's

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